Chili Pepper Clay Beads Polymer Clay Earrings [Pre-Order]

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The Shemida I earrings add some spice to your style! These unique beauties feature handcrafted clay chili pepper huggies covered in dainty details - so no matter what you're wearing, you'll be turning heads! So hot it's cool!🌶️🌶️🌶️

Handmade, lightweight, and delicate polymer clay earrings. They are so comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing them!

The hooks are made of gold-plated stainless steel, which is suitable for most with sensitivities. If you would like an earring hardware change, please leave a note at checkout.

Store in a dry, cool area, and do not wear while showering, bathing, exercising, etc. Although polymer clay earrings are durable and flexible, they can break if bent or dropped so please handle with care.

Please note that these are handmade items, and slight variation may occur compared to the pictures. 

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