Clay and Caridad is an inclusive small business, run by a pansexual, multi‑racial woman.
Clay and Caridad is passionate about supporting communities of color and the LGBTQ community, and I hope that my jewelry is loved and worn by women and femmes across the world.
Photo of Kenya, owner of Clay and Caridad

My Story

Clay and Caridad started as a bit of an accident! I picked up polymer clay as a hobby to keep me busy during my free time. I shared my first ever creations on my personal Instagram page and to my surprise, friends and family members expressed interest in buying! I created an account on Instagram to track my polymer clay journey, and that quickly turned into a flourishing business!

If you are wondering where Caridad came from, Caridad is my middle name! My mom promised a Santera that she would name me Caridad, which means "Charity" in Spanish. Ever since I was young, I always cared about the wellbeing of other people. Clay and Caridad combines my love of polymer clay jewelry with my love of people. I periodically run campaigns to raise money for charities, organizations, causes, or people that need our support.

Fun Facts

I love to travel and have been to 11 different countries: Peru, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Monaco, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Italy!

I can speak a little Spanish and French! I've been surrounded by Spanish my whole life (and minored in Spanish), and I spent 6 years studying French.

I could eat rice and beans every day (I actually do eat rice every single day).

I can clap with one hand! (lol)